Children from Birth to 12 years old


Welcome to GN Integrated Pediatric Therapy, LLC


GN INTEGRATED PEDIATRIC THERAPY, LLC provides comprehensive & quality treatment for infants & children with special learning & development differences.
We are known for our expertise and unique focus on
sensory integration.

We strive to maintain an intimate, caring environment to help children make “sense” of their world for effective learning & “living”. We nurture our parents through education & counseling which goes hand in hand with their child’s treatment.

Gill (Miss Jill) Nurhonen OTR/L, founder & director, maintains a strong philosophy:

I believe it’s vital, especially when working with a child with coexisting sensory processing issues, in maintaining a calm, nurturing environment where the child (and family) feel safe and happy.

Our parents and kids, already lead stressed and busy lives. Clients don’t want to be overwhelmed in an overcrowded, busy, sausage-machine factory clinic setting, where the waiting room alone, is a challenge to both the child and the parent’s sensory systems.

Families trying to cope with their “sensory” kids need a quiet, nurturing place where they can get the support, education and personal feedback/TLC they need. In essence, a form of adult "therapy”, so they’re better equipped to be effective parents, advocates and strategic team members in their child‘s therapy & development. I’ve found you really cannot do effective treatment and see carry-over and progress unless you have the parent/caregiver on-board. Therapy doesn’t just focus on the child; families & parents/caregivers play a huge role in the therapeutic process.


Our qualified pediatric Occupational, Speech/Language and Physical therapists are knowledgeable in the diagnosis and treatment of various sensory, developmental, neuromuscular or congenital disorders, including:

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Asperger’s Syndrome

Sensory Processing Disorders

Cerebral Palsy

Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Down’s Syndrome

Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Birth related disorders

Non-Verbal Learning Disorder

Dysgraphia/ poor handwriting


Fine and gross motor difficulties